NYPD Officer Ramos & Officer Liu Memorial T-Shirts UPDATE!

Here is a little update!...

This is why the people of New York City are the best in world. We come together during hard times. So far we raised over $10,000 for both families!! 

The deadline to get your T-Shirt is Friday, January 23rd, 2015. At that point, we will not produce anymore new T-Shirts. Once all the orders are filled and if we have any extras, we will post the sizes on our website.

We discontinued the "We Support the NYPD" T-Shirt due to the low demand BUT We do have 7 - Size: Large "We Support the NYPD" T-Shirts left over. So if you wear a Large T-Shirt, you can still purchase for a short time.

We also apologize for the delays that happened and are still happening. Due to the FANTASTIC response by everyone, there was a VERY HIGH DEMAND for these T-Shirts and we fell behind. We ran our machines non stop for days trying to catch up. We suffered a mechanical breakdown during that process. If you still have not received you order yet, please be a little bit more patient. I know everyone has been extremely patient so far. I promise, you will not be disappointed!!

Thank you everyone for your donations & your support.

From our Family here at Basement NYC. We would like to personally thank every member of service. You are the ones that protect the people of this great city.